Friday, April 25, 2008

Back in Action!

This is Jessica, So...... yea its been a while 1 year, 1 baby and many lbs later its time to get fit. This time we have most of our office involved. I'm excited we can all do this together again. Me and Jayme are going to the Bahamas!!!!!!!!! in September sometime so we need to look our best. I weighed in today @ 154lbs. Wish us luck may the one who looses the most lbs WIN.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hot Mamas

Here is Jessica Strutting her stuff. Notice how much weight she lost ;)

Well today at work was decade day and Jessica and I dressed up. I did the 80's and she did the 70's. It was alot of fun. So we went out to lunch and let everyone look at out hott selves. It was just a great lift up for the work place.

and here I am, I lost now 22 pounds but in the 80's attire you can't really tell.

Friday, May 18, 2007


It's on Saturday! not sunday. The rest is true.

And the winner is.....

I don't know but we will find out Sunday @ 3:oo pm. They are having a picnic and will be having FREE burgers and beer. What a way to end a "Fitness challenge" right? I (Jess) have been slacking off a little with the gym with a very good excuse I'm getting my kitchen redone so I have to help my Uncle the project should be done today. HORAAYYYY!!!! See you girls on Sunday. I suggest you bring a salad.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jess lost 5lbs!

Well I didn't loose as much as Jayme but I tried, I lost 5 lbs leaving me at 149lbs. I started @ 154lbs. I started at 30% body fat and I'm 27% now. Not much of a difference but yes I will continue my MILF mission until I succeed!! Genesis was so packed last night with people trying to weight in. Good luck to everyone.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Yeah so this is Jayme. I just got back from working out and my final weigh in. I started with a body fat percentage of 36%, well I ended @ 33%. Oh yeah baby. BUT what is even better......... suspence........ I started....... at 219 lbs..... are you ready for this......I ende.... AT...... 202.2!!!!! Oh my goodness. And this number is at night. I haven't weighed 200 in such a long time. Only 22 more pounds to go and I am at my goal weight. WOW!!! Check that out baby!!!

Weigh in Time!!

So the competition is over! Weigh-in is tonight. The Game is over best of luck to all the teams that worked their butts off. The winner will go to Vegas!! I think we find out who won May 19Th. Even tho the competition is over lets keep going I know me (Jess) and Jayme already have a Genesis Membership and I really enjoy working out now. I do have to put a little few day pause because I'm redoing my kitchen. Other than that I plan on going 4-5 days a week. There is no reason why we can be healthy and hott mama's!!! We deserve it and our kids deserve to have healthy and active parents.